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Alan Heavens, real estate journalist, recently asked me if the real estate downturn affected the perception of housing as creator of personal wealth. I could not stop thinking about this perspective. "Housing as a creator of personal wealth" as it relates to our personal residential property - ou...
Local and State Governments must stop looking to property owners for funding. Property taxes are out of control. A few years ago when I stopped to vote in a local election after work I met a few ladies outside of our local polling place asking me to vote yes to allow property taxes to be increase...
In his NY times article on 8/22/10 David Streitfeld quotes Stan Humphries, Chief economist for Zillow: “There is no iron law that real estate must appreciate. That housing values will only keep up with inflation. A home will return the money an owner puts into it each month, but will not multiply...
Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual can make, so it is understandable that someone considering a home purchase may take their time to avoid rushing into such a large financial commitment. However, several factors might leave prospective homebuyers who don't purchase a prop...
Strategic default to property ownership is a real problem: This new trend has a huge domino effect that impacts all property owners. “Fed-up home owners” who simply walk away because their property values have dropped are compounding the economic situation throughout the country. Many people are ...
Are you looking for a real estate professional to assist you in your next Pennsylvania residential real estate transaction? Here is some basic and helpful information for you to consider before beginning. In Pennsylvania a license is required to conduct real estate business and to be paid a commi...

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