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HOME INSPECTORS,REALTORS: Iv'e been a home inspector for over eight years and I still can't figure out realtors???? My job is to protect my client and I beleive I do a good job. What I can't understand is when a realtor tells me everything in the home is in good condition and you walk in and it's...
At the present time Infrared thermal imagery and home inspections are not completely together but in the future they will be in my opinion. Even the way the market is now homes are still the biggest investment a person makes in there lifetime. So why not try to learn as much as possible about you...
Home Inspection Industry ???? Between the mortgage industry, gas companys and now a client just cancelled an inspection saying he was preapproved but just received a call that he is not approved any longer. I sure hope things start turning around soon, and I mean for everyone. Otherwise this whol...
The future of Home InspectionsSince home inspections have slowed down because of the market I recommend to sellers to have a Presale Inspection. The reason for this is so that the seller can know what items in the home need repair or replacement so the sale can go thru quicker and with less probl...
My name is Leonard Ungar of All Around Home Inspections.We serve the Long Island and the NYC Metro Area. We do all inspection services for Sellers and Buyers. Condo's, Co-op's, single family and multi family homes.If I can help in any way, even with just information please feel free to call and I...

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