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The fact is your home is in competition with every other home for sale in your community.  Buyers can afford to pass by homes that do not "grab" them when they are looking.  Sellers must set themselves apart from other homes on the market.  There are low cost improvements a seller can achieve ove...
Who among us hasn't laid down a set of keys or pair of glasses and then forgotten where they are?  Remember how desperately you have searched your memory to come up with a name for someone you know.  I used to make a joke about it, "I have "old-timers" disease", and think no more about it.  Unfor...
My word!  Listening to the national news every night makes you think the housing market everywhere has collapsed, house values are way down, and no one can get a mortgage without 50% down payment.  What's the use of thinking about buying a house, or refinancing the one you have?  Let's be specifi...

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