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We had completed two bathroom remodels for a client in West Palm Beach through one of our referral services,  Turns out, she was so happy with the job, she went back to the referral service who in turn, called up the news to report her story.  New fixtures, vanities, toilets and ...
If you are wondering why you are waiting soooo long for your addition or renovation permit to come through there is a very good reason!  With the slow down of building permits coming through, building depts. have forced cutbacks on staffing.  This means one or two people are looking through the p...
In South Florida, we have seen the wrath of mother nature a few too many times.  We have been quiet the last couple of years after a few disasters.  Are we really safe or do we forget?  A large majority fo new homes are built to withstand the force of hurricane winds, but the there are still home...
Looking for a piece of furniture that will be your center of attention?  Custom furniture making is a lost art being overtaken by chinese knockoffs for 1/2 or 1/4 of the price.  Those who appreciate artisan craftsmanship go to B/P Services Group, Inc.  Your ideas and designs are brought to life b...
B/P Services Group, Inc has just completed a siding renovation project in Jupiter, FL.  The existing cedar siding has not been properly maintained over the years and has deteriorated.  The most inexpensive way to resolve this situation was to remove the existing battens and cedar siding and repla...
B/P Services Group, Inc custom built this fireplace in within 2 weeks and this house sold shortly after.  Today just having the standards is not enough.  People are looking for upgrades and things they can't find in ordinary homes.  You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to perform ...
Today we are hearing that from homeowners, Realtors and everyone in between.  "you know, it's not 2004 anymore".  In today's competitive market, we as contractors are faced with working within thin margins as we all know by reading the papers and watching TV.  I am not telling you anything earth ...
Yes folks it is true to those of us who live in the (3) unfortunate municipalities of either City of Aventura, Town of Highland Beach or the City of Miami Beach.  You need a building permit for tile installation.  Although it is not part of the Florida Building Code, a municipality can go beyond ...
A room addition is something that is not for any contractor to take on.  Room additions require much more attention to each task than new construction.  Additions require matching and tying-in roof lines, floor elevations and finishes.  What usually happens when not much thought is given to the c...
Bathroom renovations are by far the most popular renovation in South Florida.  We see the master bathroom renovations nowadays as more a place for relaxation and personal space unlike it was in the past as a place to get clean and get out.  We now know that a large soaking tub or a jacuzzi are st...

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