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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska
Gravel Roads are a way of life...cornfields and beans...hay and alfalfa...wheat and sorghum...cattle and hogs...horses and sheep...tractors and combines...summer heat and winter cold...Learn a little about Nebraska and the Farmers way of life...The Real Truth...not the stuff you see on the Network News. Real People who work hard and have fun. Come along, learn, and enjoy some of my articles about our beautiful state and why we truly believe in Nebraska...The Good Life!



I need One* (*or more) of you Active Rainers to help me!  I have some new goals and need help to reach them...maybe your help. I want to grow Mach1 Realty larger and I am looking for advice on how best to do that. I want to hire people that want to be great at what they my friends from ...
Hi All... My business partner and I are looking to buy an apartment complex with at least 100 units. We are trying to find a larger Apartment Complex  (or more than 1 complex) that would be considered low C class but that can be remodeled to a mid or upper B class.   High side: Total purchase pri...
Fall is here!  I love the fall! Yesterday...the last morning of wife, Robyn, and I sat out on the patio enjoying the cool morning and even had to bust out the flannel shirts for the first time in months!We mowed our large yard...well Robyn did most of the mowing while I was finishing ...
Congrats to Lindsey Haden for another Home Sold by Lindsey of Mach1 Realty and remodeled by Lindsey and her husband, Travis... Haden Homes.This beautiful home in Blue Hill, Nebraska was a complete gut and remodel and it came out fantastic!Call Mach1 Realty when you want the job done in Nebraska o...
Incredible value and future in a fantastic town of St Paul, NE.  2,200 great people with hundreds out in the country.  (My hometown!)   Awesome school district and only a few miles from a major community!!This Processing facility is top notch and ships products nationwide! Owner is looking to slo...
Commission...Professional Service Fee...Cost of Selling...FSBO....Zillow...Mach1 Realty!It is really quite simple...sell your farm through Mach1 Realty via private treaty or auction and get what the property will bring on the open market...and pay a fair Professional Service Fee...or sell with a ...
It was just another phone call with a prefix I did not recognize.  Not unusual since we take our cell numbers with us when we move.  I was just pulling into town and was in moderate traffic.    "Probably another telemarketer", I thought, "or a bot hangup".Gotta answer it though...right? Could be ...
Are you outgoing and outspoken? I am! And I constantly have to keep myself under control so that something stupid does not slip from my lips.I like to laugh and have fun...not mean or bullying type of  fun...or telling raunchy joke fun...just fun that happens everywhere all the time if we let it....
Last year I sold 322 E 6th Street - an 18 plex - in Minden, NE to an out of state buyer.  I did not manage it once he took ownership. I did stay in close touch with the new owner, however.  A few months back he said he was going to sell and invest in a new project on the East coast.We decided it ...
4 bed 1 Bath   Room to add 2nd and Family room.Excellent Opportunity for you!  Fell out of Contract.  House and Seller were not the is ready to go and can close quickly!6.64 acres in the country southwest of St Paul, NE! Nice older farm stead with great potential. Quiet road, lots ...

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I Serve all of Nebraska. And I have contacts worldwide! If you need to Auction - Sell - Buy Farm Land in Nebraska - Call Me! I am ready, willing, and able to help you buy or sell anywhere in Nebraska. Auctioneer, 1031 Tax Exchange, Listing Agent, Notary, Buyer Agent, Private Treaty. Investors for Tenants. Phone, text, e-mail, & handshake. Managing Broker and owner of Mach1 Realty.