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Reading View. Press Alt Shift A for accessibility help. The advance home inspection process in Austin plays a pivotal role to both seller and buyer. Correcting problems at an early stage increases a home's appeal — and its selling price. An advance inspection also sets the stage for a favorable f...
  Getting properties ready for open houses or other showings in Austin takes a bit of determination—especially when it comes to paring down all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated through the years. It’s a push-pull between I still use that every day! and this room still looks too crowded! You may u...
  Some folks live for our local winters. For them, the brisk air is a tonic; longer night times are invitations to enjoy the warmth and cheer of fireside camaraderie; the prospect of winter sports is something they look forward to all year long. For everyone else it may be more of a drag—particul...
Austin area  home owners don’t have to live in the kind of January landscape that features blizzards and snowdrifts to want to winterize their home before the onslaught of the chilliest temperatures. In even the mellowest of climates, winterization is a way to shrink energy bills. And even if the...
  Staging is to a home what packaging is to a supermarket product: a vital element that can supersede all others. Product managers rely on advertising and marketing efforts to create awareness among consumers, just as homeowners use their Realtor’s marketing know-how (the listing, web page, signa...
“WHY YOUR RENT CHECK JUST KEEPS GOING UP” was the headline in CNN Money’s real estate special report in June, which could have explained to Austin area renters why it is that U.S. rents keep rising faster than home values. After all, that doesn’t seem to make sense!The list of reasons was long, a...
   First-Timers Needn’t Shy Away from Their First Home Purchase Low Credit Scores Don’t Always Nix First Time Home Buyers   They really ought to teach this stuff in school: real-life, day-to-day economics. Leander youngsters out on their own for the first time are usually left to trial and error ...
      Imagine the first time you turn the front door key to a new Cedar Park / Leander home—the first time you step over the threshold of the home you now own. It’s a moment to truly savor. Whether it’s a feeling of well-being—that of a major milestone successfully accomplished—or just the sheer...
I don't know what is going on at Bank of America,  but I have two stories to that are eerily similar.  Case number #1:   One short sale was started June 6, 2012.  The date is right.  It really has been going on a year.  It took 3 cases at HUD to finally get the seller out of " loan modification "...
   According to statistics from RealtyTrac, the outfit that keeps the stats nationally, the rate of foreclosure activity is tailing off. Their mid-October report shows how a precipitous drop last  September helped bring the foreclosure number to the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2007. ...

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Carol Pease has been selling Real Estate for 14 years. She is now affiliated with Keller Williams Realty and works out of the Cedar Park / Leander Market Center in Cedar Park, Texas. dfbde523c11f709b968ad91a777de39f07e34f&style=0" /> Realtor ratings and reviews of Carol Pease