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When real estate agents first get started, they are told to start building their business with the people they know -- their sphere of influence. For newly licensed agents, your existing sphere is all you have. But as you become a more experienced agent, and your sphere expands accordingly, it co...
Over the years, I’ve been privileged to learn about some amazing stories in real estate. People doing innovative things, or thinking outside the box. Patrick Ryan is one of them. He made doing good into good business. It was a warm Chicago day, and Patrick had a hammer in his hand. But digital ad...
Here at Adwerx, our customer success folks often get calls from agents who have changed brokerages. And not being in real estate originally myself, I thought that was interesting, so I did some digging.Turns out, it’s not that uncommon. In 2015, one-third of Realtors started at a new firm. That’s...
We’ve had the privilege of serving over a billion ad impressions on behalf of over 40,000 real estate agents. And in that time, we’ve been asked over and over again: what are the best practices for these ads? So here’s a list of our top suggestions of what you should and should not do with digita...
Recently, one of our Adwerx team members left the company to become… a real estate agent. We were extremely happy for her to have found a path into an industry we are so close to. She immediately reached back out to us about agents just like her -- the millennial demographic -- who are trying to ...
In real estate, ‘local’ is everything. You can be a complete expert in all facets of transactions, contracts, and financing, but if you don’t actually know your local area, none of that matters. And I don’t speak about this from my own experience. Rather, it’s the experience of over 40,000 real e...
As a busy real estate agent, you’re looking for ways to grow your business. Aside from making a carbon copy of yourself or finding a time machine, there is a way to help you do more in less time: automate. Marketing automation, also known as programmatic marketing, is the process of taking a mark...
For zombies, it’s brains. For real estate agents, it’s leads. “Leads! Must have leads!”  I’m joking, of course. I would never compare real estate agents to zombies by any means. But if you look at the way agents often prioritize lead generation above all marketing activities, I do get concerned. ...
Try these real estate brand building techniques to get more real estate clients As a real estate agent, you’re busy helping buyers and sellers in a major transaction. But you also have a business to build, to keep your pipeline full. There are so many ways to do that -- from digital ads, to billb...

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