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My wife started a new job this week. As she gets acquainted with her responsibilities, she is also getting acquainted with her new co-workers. One of them mentioned that she was looking for a new house. Her preference is for new construction so that they can choose what they want in the house wit...
New listings coming soon! North Phoenix and ChandlerHello!We hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and that the 'tryptophan coma' is starting to wear off by now....We have a busy couple of days here - we assisted clients of ours who will build a home with finding a corporate rental; they are bein...
Do you trust your agent?We read a blog by Yael Warman a couple of days ago about the least trusted professions.  We had the following  post on our other blog (before we found AR) back in August.  What is even more interesting is that there was an article in the AZ Republic yesterday noting that g...
 Hello and welcome to the weekend!We realize there are some football games that are kind of important this weekend, but you should make time to experience the city!  The weather is perfect - why not get out and enjoy it?!  The City of Scottsdale is hosting its 13th annual ArtFest of Scottsdale - ...
This is the time of year that Scottsdale really shines.  It is wonderful year-round, but with the fantastic fall and winter weather and all of the wonderful events coming up, it can't be beat!Scottsdale is internationally regarded as one of the most posh areas in the United States and a premiere ...
Phoenix, Scottsdale Condo Conversions may face regulationHello!There is an insightful article in Tuesday's Arizona Republic regarding the condo conversion boom.   Rather than butcher it, we thought we'd provide the link, so you may read it in its entirety:
Many people across the country (and around the world) know about the Phoenix and Scottsdale area mainly as a tourist destination.  Today we are going to fill you in on the things in Northeast Phoenix that make it a great tourist destination, and a great place to live. The Phoenix area is known fo...
We have always viewed the level of customer service we offer to our clients as of the utmost importance.  In my daily life, I am constantly astounded at the various levels of service I receive from other individuals.  When I receive good service I typically let the person know.  I believe that th...
Hello!According to news reported at, the Valley's single-family home resale market clicked higher in October, although they aren't near the level sustained in 2005.There were 4,985 sales in October, up slightly from 4,875 the previous month, according to the Arizona Real...
We know how important the schools can be in deciding where to move for many people.  Here are some links that you might find helpful if you are looking to buy in the Scottsdale and North Phoenix area.Scottsdale School District Valley School Dis...


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