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Cribfinder has grown to include over 2,000 unique users with nearly 10,000 listings from across the globe!And now, your properties get even MORE visibility on facebook. When you add a property on Cribfinder, we automatically syndicate your listing to facebook's Marketplace, with millions of visit...
Steven Groves with ExecutiveConversationsInRealEstate just posted a podcast interview with me, discussing Cribfinder and facebook's impact on Agent2.0TM.Learn more about Cribfinder from the podcast, or check out our (other) blog.There's about 1,300 properties on Cribfinder... is yours one of them...
Cribfinder has joined up with faceboook to incorporate property listings from the main marketplace!Now, you only have to post your property ONCE on facebook.List on facebook's Marketplace, and your properties will AUTOMATICALLY be added to Cribfinder, where you can track pageviews and generate le...
We've just launched our Open House feature on Cribfinder, facebook's premiere real estate listing service.Now, you can upload your listings and find out WHO's been viewing them!Generate real and meaningful leads on facebook, the internet's hottest social network. Only with Cribfinder.
Ever wonder who's been looking at your properties?With Cribfinder's Open House, you don't have to wonder anymore.Simply upload your properties onto facebook, and find out WHO has been viewing your Cribs.Generate REAL leads. With Cribfinder.
Cribfinder is getting hot.With over 400 Realtors, and 50 returning each day, it's no wonder we're facebook's top real estate listing service.Find out why 20 new realtors are joining each day.The short answer? We automate real estate marketing on facebook.With Cribfinder, you can:*Instantly notifi...
Haven't joined facebook yet?Wanna see what CribFinder is all about? Get a sneak peak of CribFinder, without joining a thing, and find out what you're missing. Check out some screenshots here!At List YOUR properties on facebook. CribFinderLive and Earn. 
The world needed another blog, so we made one for CribFinder, the facebook real estate listing service.If you haven't checked out CribFinder yet, you can get a sneak peek here.Or, just check out our NEW BLOG!See you on facebook.CribFinderLive and Earn.
Listing your properties on facebook just got a whole lot easier. *We added a stats page, so you can track your property's pageviews.Think of it as a guestbook in your digital open house.*We've improved your realtor profile pagesGet publicity on facebook with a few clicks.*Photo uploading is easie...
But don't take our word for it.Click here and search for "real estate".We'll be at the top. Are you on facebook yet?Get instant publicity with CribFinder. Wanna learn more? Check out our (other) blog!CribfinderLive and Earn.


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