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Creating pro formas for real estate developments, acquisitions, and dispositions can be a demanding undertaking as there are so many factors to consider when analyzing a development project. Adam Hochfelder is a real estate expert that has been working closely with his clients to ensure that thei...
This article was originally featured on Adam's blog.Every home buyer wants a good deal on their real estate purchase. However, investing in real estate can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out as a first-time investor. There are plenty of reasons to think that property is a sou...
When it comes to property investment, there’s no shortage of information available about what budding investors should do in order to ensure success. But perhaps even more important are the pitfalls to avoid so you don’t end up losing money and time. In real estate investing, letting your heart r...
If you’re starting a real estate business, you know it’s important that your new business makes money. Here are some valuable tips and tactics used for bringing in additional revenue or maximizing the current revenue. The commercial real estate is made up of a number of market segments, and a sig...
Today’s digital world offers endless marketing possibilities, but, at the same time, it creates fierce competition. In fact, the bar has never been higher for businesses, and it is all thanks to today’s instant access and high brand expectations. That’s why having a strong online presence is of v...

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