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Every United State Citizen is entitle to receive a free credit report yearly from the three major credit reporting bureaus, Transuion, Equifax, and Experian.  Your credit report can be viewed instantly online or you can have a copy sent snail mail.  When searching on-line I know a lot of you have...
I know that I am not as tech savvy as most of your here at Active Rain are, but I am learning.  If this is something that is really easy please don't laugh but what I wanted to know, Is there anyone who can tell me how can I put my signature or initials in cursive like I see on so many blogs.  Is...
Hello Active Rain,I need your opinion or some good advice, I know many of you have probably been in this same situation.  When giving closing gifts, what do you believe is appropriate.  The gift card from Lowe's?  A gift basket?  What if your client is a close friend?  What do you buy them?  This...
Hello members of Active Rain!  Is there anyone who can tell me about a Digital Camera that also acts as a great web cam.  I have bought 3 this week so far, 2 took excellent pictures but was lousy at acting as a web cam, I need the web cam to send video emails that won't keep breaking up!  The dig...
These are some of the questions that you should prepare yourself to answer when you apply for a home loan.  Please make sure all your answers are accurate.  In your initial conversation the loan officer may just ask you for your name, address and social security number, that is okay they just wan...
I just wanted to find out how many Realtors and loan officer's have a My Space page.  I know we should always take advantage of all the marketing we find especially if it is free.  Are you getting leads from this type of marketing?  Or is it something you have just because it is free and out ther...
Here is part II of Real estate language, if you are new to real estate or a first time home buyer some of the words we as Realtors or Loan officers use may sound foreign to you.  1.  Personal Property - Items that are not permanently attached to real estate, example a stove is personal property b...
Hud homes are a great purchase for a first time home buyer.  There is a lot of misconceptions that Hud homes are only for first time home buyers, that is not true it is actually a great deal for anyone looking to purchase a home whether you are moving up in size or down grading, they are even ava...
I just read a great post by Joe Zapata called The Relationship between a Realtor and a lender how important is it?  It is a great post I believe everyone should read it ( I am new to this and I do not know how to link it or I would) but you know it got me kind of curious of the the type of things...
Hello!I want to share this information with new agents and Realtors who are looking for more marketing material.  I know most of you already know about all the free websites that are out there, so this is for the newbies who want more exposure, I use mine for hud listings.The website is called ww...

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