All About Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Woodstock, Cherokee County, GA

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Information about Real Estate and Homes for Sale in woodstock, Cherokee County, Ga
I saw a recent webinar from Remax and RealtyTrac about the ratio of Foreclosures to Short Sales. Currently about 3/2. Three foreclosures to Two Short Sales. Will Short Sales overtake Foreclosures?  I seriously doubt it. Here's why. I've had 3 Short Sales with firm well qualified buyers become For...
All about Short Sales and Foreclosures in Woodstock, Ga. by Dale Falkowski, Realtor, CDPE, REO CertifiedShort Sale and Foreclosure specialist.   In the world of Real Estate it seems the Foreclosure Market will continue for quite some time. The fact is foreclosures have always been around but I'm ...
I just read the rankings of top ten foreclosure states. Information provided by RealtyTrac. California 45,765. Florida 32,867 Michigan 20,161 Arizona 17,293 Texas 15,171 Georgia 12,718 Illinois 12,095 Nevada 10,747 Ohio 9,984 North Carolina 6,469   Georgia makes number 6 for 2nd quarter. I don't ...
I'm very tired of negative news. Are you? My newest greeting is, "Tell me something good." Of all the things we can do and spend money on trying to get ahead, we ignore the easiest and least expensive thing of all. Talking about something positive. It has great rewards all through the day and all...
I love all this internet stuff! You can spend hours and hours thinking your doing something valuable. Blogging is supposed to be really good for your search engines and bring you business. I went to a seminar a few weeks ago about blogging, someone asked the direct question, "How much business ar...
Are you a Realtor? Do you think you're a Role Model? As Realtors do we wish people had more respect for us? Do we see ourselves as True Professionals? If we say yes to any of the above we need to improve our image one person at a time. Let me share a true experience that happened in my presence t...
Is anyone willing to share thier sucess or lack thereof with internet leads from different sources? Being new in the Real Estate business I have invested heavily in internet marketing and lead purchasing. I am getting several leads per week but having very limited sucess converting them to actual...
With a group this large I'm sure we have a variety of credit cards. I'm wondering who really has the best reward program. Personally I like Discover. They give you cash back. In Cash if you want. Or credit to your bill, my favorite. Only one problem, some places don't take Discover. So here's the...

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Information about Real Estate and Homes for Sale in woodstock, Cherokee County, Ga