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Kristine offers up some great ideas, suggestions, and samples for MLS photos to promote and market your sellers homes.  The photos of a home are critical and the most important part of marketing any property.  It's the photos that capture serious and legitimate prospects and sell more houses onli...
OK, I don't usually post real estate market reports or updates but this is news worthy of sharing. As a lurking buyer myself currently looking to make an investment in a personal residence, I found this information to be more than just useful, it's essential to evaluate and understand the big pic...
Let’s face it.  As a real estate agent, your time is valuable. Your job requires you to have expertise in sales, marketing, the financial and legal fields, and sometimes a fair amount of handholding with excited/nervous and even needy buyers and sellers.  What you don’t have time for is to be a ...
"But I thought "Penquins" were suppose to be cute, fuzzy, warm, and harmless animals?"  Google has changed some of their algorithms for SEO and SERP results.   It's a new algorithm update being referred to as Penguin.  When did all this happen?  Was your site hit?  Has your page(s) gone down in t...
05/10/2012 closes today. The NEW will be opening very soon and the only difference between the two is the name. looks EXACTLY like Picnik and will offer the same exact style and type of features. If you like easy access to your images, photos and graphics with the ability to...
Key look!  Up in the sky... It's a "RainCamp!" No... It's a "RainStorm!" No... It's a Spring-Meetup!?! YES!!I was going to just  REBLOG THIS, but it's too exciting not to announce myself! :-) " Hey Brad, where are you, I've got this really cool idea... " IT'S TRUE!  We are having an ActiveRain Sp...
Are you posting your clients listings on your ActiveRain Blog?   How are you keeping it updated and current?  What happens to that post when the home is sold?  Does your post still show up in the SERPS? (Search Engine Results Page)  If so, how useful is that to a consumer or potential prospect an...
The Andersohn Family would like to wish Happy St. Patty's Day to You and Yours! Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!Now go ahead and make one for your family and friends, you know you want to! lol~
There are but a few critical pieces needed to create a successful start-up business today. In this example, you'll see that it doesn't take much and that it all stems from a simple GREAT idea that you can expand on and yet still have fun at the same time. Here's five important pieces of the puzzl...
Zillow Partners With Tom Ferry on Product Development Today we announced in a press release, our new partnership with the very well known real estate coach, (and a personal friend of mine) Tom Ferry, who will be joining us as a consultant. Zillow develops numerous products that help real estate p...

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