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Ok my friends, I'm back to my old self, and off on another Technology and Marketing tangent! This is a three point post I think you'll really enjoy.1) A New Widget 2) Technology and Marketing 3) Video And Your Blog! This is the new YouTube Widget that allows you to host multiple Videos via a sing...
What an incredible year it has been.   When I started on Active Rain earlier this year, I had no idea what an exciting adventure this would turn into, and the impact it would have on my Blogging experience.  I have spent so many early and late night hours learning all about Blogging, the People, ...
Isn't it great when you write a post on a topic you're passionate about, and you get a string of intelligent and informative comments?  This creates an awesome platform to educate, and share your knowledge and experience with your clients and other consumers.  Are you waiting for them to come fin...
  "JOIN US FOR THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!" To all our Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Active Rain Members, Subscribers, Readers and YOU! My three sons and I, all pitched in this year to give each of you a gift!  However, you'll have to open it now! This is a very special gift, and you will...
Better yet, are you allowing your clients and readers to? I'm talking about RSS Feeds. How do you link your Blogs to your Websites and visa versa? Would you rather people find your post one at a time (like they do now) or would you like them to be able to access "many" posts in one location? Here...
When I first started on Active Rain earlier this year, I had no clue how much I would learn in such a short time.  The first thing I remember noticing about Active Rain was that there was vast amounts of knowledge, and so many wonderful people here.  I wanted to learn all about Blogging, the bene...
When Jason Crouch sent me an email from the "Family Ties" group, inviting me to the “Inspired By Song” group, and their contest, I got very excited about it, but didn't realize the affect my own post would actually have on me. LOL! Here's one I bet you didn't see coming, thought I'd change it up...
Are you getting the most from your Active Rain Profile?   Does it have the same information or content as your website?  Did you cut and paste like many of us I know did?  Is it a "Wall Of Words?"  Here's an opportunity to make your AR Profile even "BETTER" than your website.  You should put as m...

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