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Here's a "community tip" you may not be aware of regarding how to "SEARCH" Blogs.  Active Rain is a huge wealth of members, knowledge and resources!  There are so many Blog topics, ideas, instructions, do's and don'ts, opinions and posts of information, it really can be over-whelming.  This post ...
Did you know that you are missing out on some SEO opportunities in your Active Rain Profile and Settings?   Yesterday, I did a post regarding  "How To Use Your "My Settings" Page"  I received many comments and quite a few questions.  The "My Settings" link in Active Rain clearly has some great va...
Here is some information on "How To" use your Active Rain "My Settings" page.  I have tried to make this as simple as possible, for you to get the most out of your Active Rain experience.  To access your settings page, go to your "MY HOME" link at the top of the page next to the "Logout" option. ...
This is a common question that I get asked by many who are considering starting up a Blog or a Website. I really don't know what the right answer is, but I think that Blogs are starting to have a real impact in our Industry. I also don't think that the websites (especially corporate ones) will ev...
Here's FREE Money!!  Many of my co-workers, friends, clients and fellow Active Rain members are looking for ways to diversify their income right now in this changed market.  As we are all aware, many Companies are consolidating, cutting back, laying off people, letting go of assistants, and in so...
Are you looking to do more business in a market that has obviously changed? Do you want to get more out of Active Rain than just using the Blogging as social networking? Is Active Rain any different than the other groups or networks you're already a part of? Are you doing business with other Acti...
Today a client asked me, "Why should I Blog? Why wouldn't I just use email or talk on the phone?" This was a great question, and momentarily had me stumped! "I wish I could just use my phone to Blog?" I asked, "Why wouldn't you want to expose your marketing and advertising efforts for free using ...
YOUR Attitude and mindset mean everything.  This is out of the ordinary for me to share a post like this, but I feel it is warranted.  If it helps just one person who reads it today, then the mission is accomplished!  One of my clients shared this with me today and I want to share it with you.......
When I think of the old traditional maps, I still think of the ones in my glove compartment.  You know the one, you unfold it six times to open it, stretch your arms across the entire front seat of the car to read it, and then you're never able to fold it back up the right way to get it back in t...
             THE INVITATION!   Active Rain is a Free online community for Real Estate Professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business. It is the "best" place to network, meet other industry professionals, refer business, get and share resources, obtain technology and marketin...

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