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We all know that Blogging can bring you business. That's one of the reasons we do what we do. It does take some time before you really begin to see results, but then what doesn't? When you breakdown all the benefits of Blogging, there are quite a few valuable and justified reasons to do it. But,...
The whole point in setting your goals is so you can accomplish those things you really want in life.  Goal setting is so unbelievably powerful.  Goals must be specific, written down, and have a time frame.  Just making the commitment to put it in writing will help you get there.  Having good org...
When you first heard the word "Blog" you were probably just like the rest of us.  Not sure, confused, and maybe even uncomfortable with the whole idea and concept.  My guess is that you still are if you've opened this post and you're still reading it.  Here is a Starter Kit with everything you ne...
I'm looking for a bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Brand Spanking New Model 2.0 Blog." Many of you know that I am a total gadget, widget, and techy kinda guy. When I'm not out trying to find title orders and escrows, or helping my clients find buyers and sellers, I like to dabble with...
The Active Rain Contest for the "Best" posts in the Buyer Challenge, has been extended until next Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 10:00pm EST.  In light of all three of the contests going on at the same time, the judges and creators wanted to give members more time to create and enter their po...
                                    The first "EVER" post, inspired and compiled entirely from other members' Blog Title's regarding the "Open House", and it's obvious Controversy! I heard about The Best Open House List in Town, isn't real estate still local?  Wouldn't you like to know more on HO...
This was inspired by a contest our company had these past couple months, which wraps up this next week. I couldn't help but want to share what "The Rainmaker" contest taught me. American Indian tradition exalts the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker used magical powers to bring the rain to nourish the crop...
These are some really great tools that are ALL provided by Google for FREE. It's obvious that they are on a mission to remain the leader in Internet services and tools for us in our business. You will have seen some of these before, but I am certain you have not seen or used them all. You'll be a...
Have you ever wondered how other people find your Blog when you have written a post about them?  How do they do that?  I used to ask myself this question all the time.  Many of the comments on my Blog lately have asked me, "Where do you come up with all this stuff?"  This post reveals the secret ...

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