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I guess you can call these my Top 7 Pet Peeves on Active Rain. This is not a rant or a rave, it's just my way of sharing with members, what others members may feel, but never write about. Please don't take this personal if you fall into one or more of these categories. I know I did, but hopefully...
My wife and kids got really excited when I told them about the email I received, stating that on August 27th, at 12:30am, the moon and mars would look like "two moons" in the sky.  When my co-worker sent me this email, we made plans to set the alarm, go outside, and witness this once in a lifetim...
What if a single click could convert your entire Blog or Web-page to a different language?  How about 18 different languages?  That would be very cool.  Well, I get excited about this stuff because I see there is a potential to reach more readers, have global potential with your business, and use...
This is a nifty little service that was introduced to me by fellow Active Rain member Stephen Joos who works with HouseFront.  At first it seemed to be just another widget, but after I researched it more, I found this to be quite a useful tool, not only for us industry "techies" but consumers as ...
How do you add "Widgets" to your Active Rain Blog?  You can only add them to either your profile page, your posts, or in the right side column on your main Blog page.  These instructions are to add a Widget to your Blog under your photo, the same as you see on mine. The first step is to select a ...
The number one reason to incorporate Google Earth into your business is that it's FREE, and who isn't trying to save money in todays market and economy.  You can download Google Earth and begin using it immediately. If you already have Google Earth, you may want to explore some of the features a...
So now you are a Blogger on Active Rain!  You create content, you write, you post, you read, you comment, but do you ever wonder...where does my Blogging go from here?  Is this as good as it gets?  Should I have more than one Blog?  My answer to you is yes!  Every single person and panelists that...
Today we held a meeting in Walnut Creek, CA. to introduce a strategy known as the "Deferred Sales Trust" to a group of elite Executive Level Brokers and Realtors.  The program was sponsored by QFN out of Sacramento, CA.  The CEO / PRESIDENT Daniel Ahmad was the presenter of this optional strategy...
 Do you remember when you were really young, and how you looked up to your favorite mentors?  I recall going to my first Rock Concert at the Oakland Coliseum, called the "Day on the Green".  I was just starting out on the guitar at age 12.  I will never forget Peter Frampton walking out on stage,...

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