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What is your Legacy?  Is it your name remembered by an action, a quote, or a change to the world?  I have finally made another "life" discovery!  It's not about me and my legacy, it's about what I will leave behind one day.  What contributions I have made to the world with the miracles given me. ...
I noticed today that my statistics page on Active Rain was begging for some attention!!  It was calling out to me, "Hey Brad!  Do you want to go out on a Blog with me tonight?"  Naturally, I said yes, and here we are!!  LOL!I went through my statistics page to see what posts I had written that re...
Today, I want to formally welcome a relatively "New Member" to Active Rain.  His name is Francisco Gutierrez from San Diego, California.  He actually joined "The Rain" back in February and has been busy servicing the Southern California Market for First American Title!  When I saw his "Profile Pa...
That's right, another group for you to join, but only if you feel it will benefit you and your business! The next generation of Web Real Estate is using multi-media, and Web 2.0 technologies to market Real Estate. I have not found an MLS Virtual Tour Group yet, so I took the liberty to create one...
This Roller Coaster Graph is an actual graph showing the Real Estate Market Prices from 1890 to PRESENT! Take a ride through history on this clever creation, and see what kind of breath taking experience we have experienced over the years! Be sure to watch the lower right corner under the youtube...
This is a post I just couldn't pass up, and you shouldn't either.  I am always looking for ways to help other members, clients and friends with challenges they may face in trying to reach their business and personal goals!  This post may not do that, but I do feel that if you're in Real Estate an...
When I joined Active Rain, it was for many reasons, one of which was to connect with others across the globe to get a feel of what the Real Estate Market is doing in other areas.  I also wanted to make connections with other members and build relationships to network business and referrals. I hav...
  Before you post on your Blog, here's five principles that may help you get more views, readers and comments, and (no promises), featured on Active Rain! First off, put some thought and effort into your posts.  There are so many things you can write about IE: your business, events, personal expe...

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