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The Brand New iPhone is now available to be purchased.  They are calling this the new "Revolutionary Phone!"  Many Agents, Lenders, and Clients in my area are now considering this new "Realtool for Realty" for their business and personal use.  They have questions and are looking to me for some an...
The following time-line is applicable for California Non-Judicial Foreclosures under a deed of trust. Foreclosures begin when the Trustor (borrower) does not make the monthly payment to the Beneficiary (Lender). The first missed payment is a technical default, but in practical terms, most Benefi...
Over 20 Years Experience, Helping You Provide Your Clients, The American Dream!  View My Profile Memoirs of a Blogger View My Associates Get Linked In Search Active Rain             Real Estate Technology Group Target Marketing Group  The Title and Escrow Group Solano County Network Group My Corp...
WARNING:  THIS POST CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT WILL BE UN-SUITABLE TO BLOGGERS AND VIEWERS IF YOU OVERDOSE YOUR BLOG WITH WIDGETS ON ACTIVE RAIN!  Well I finally did it!  Pushed the envelope!  Went over the edge, maxed out, and crashed my Active Rain Blog!  As many of you know, I am kinda techy, a...
I tried to search for one of my posts this morning,  it took me 10 minutes to find it!  First, I checked my  bookmarked posts, (too long and too many) then I had to go through my entire Blog and all my posts to finally find it.  I would have used the Active Rain Search feature, but I couldn't rem...
New PRL code is effective as of June 11th Periodically Verizon will update the Preferred Roaming Code on the handsets that are in use. A Preferred Roaming List(PRL) is software that resides in a dual, tri-mode, or all digital handsets that identify direct Verizon markets, Verizon Partnership mark...
Way to go Matt and Jonathan. I was totally jazzed to see you guys in this interview with Bradley Inman on TV. I was snooping through Inman news tonight, getting caught up on some reading, when I came across this video feed. I'm not sure how, and in fact, I can't even find it again on youtube. Luc...
I was talking with Colleen Kulikowski awhile back, and she was explaining to me why she had taken the time, to organize the Associates she had added.  She said that by "grouping" your Associates, they will be easier to manage.  So I did.  Next, I thought, how can you utilize and benefit from the...
                    This is my 100th post and my 100th Day on Active Rain.  First, I want to thank Dustin Luther for introducing me to Active Rain.  I have met so many great people, and really had the chance to see what Blogging and ActiveRain is all about.  I have countless success stories and h...
There is only "ONE WAY" you can be the featured member.  It's Points!  You have to have the most points... period!  It is not based on your successes, your experience, your moral or ethical values, it's all based on points.  I will tell you from personal experience, that points don't get you lea...

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