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 This is NOT to scare or alarm anyone, but it is rated PG. Yesterday was another great class put on by First American Tile - in Vallejo, CA.  This class focused on Realtor Safety and Security Awareness.  There were quite a few things that were shared, and some of them may help you from becoming a...
The Benicia Farmers Market will begin on the Last Thursday of April , and go trough the end of October. The hours open to the public are 4-8 p.m. (October hours 4-7p.m.)  Every Thurday!!!  Don't miss it!!This is one of the largest and funnest events you will ever attend.  The Farmers Market is pu...
Benicia, CA., once known as the State Capitol of California, is a very quaint and beautiful town!  The spirit of community and brotherhood abounds.  Benicia offers many historic landmarks that make up it's unique geography. Downtown Benicia Landmarks include the Historic Clocktower, The Camel Ba...
              The Market information provided here was gathered for 2006 and 2007.                 I will update this information monthly as it becomes available to me.               My goal is to provide accurate and current data of the Real Estate Markets                   in California.  You c...
Since 1889, First American Title has been helping protect the rights of Homeowners across California and the Nation. Headquartered in Southern California, First American Corporation has grown to be the largest and leading provider of Title, Escrow, and Information Systems in the World. First Amer...
What is Target Marketing? I like to refer to it as laser surgery. While many Realtors, before building their referral business, try Farming as a way to generate buyers and sellers, I have found that most will use geographic and neighborhood Farming as a first resort. The are lot's of Farming idea...
One might ask why is Vallejo, California the place to be? How was this the chosen City to spotlight this month? It's simple, the City of Vallejo has it all! Our spotlight this month is all about Vallejo, California. A very pleasant place with lot's of affordable housing, fun and amusement, great ...
There are two very popular internet browsers on the web.  When using google analytics to check my website stats today, I found that there were more Firefox browsers than ever before. Is Microsoft Interenet Explorer on it's way out? Is Firefox soon to be "standard" for internet browsers? I noticed...
While you may not be familiar with the term, we've all heard stories of Social Engineering - the practice of infiltrating an organization by pretending to be an authorized employee, customer, contractor, etc. in order to steal valuable assets.  These con artists attempt to gain access to sensitiv...
I decided to take BLOGGING seriously! I have been getting some coaching from one of the BEST! Thanks Colleen! Active Rain is so lucky to have you as part of the team!I decided to go across the USA to see and meet all the Featured Agents on Active Rain. Not in my car, with my mouse! My thought was...

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