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I want to wish all the finalists in each group of  RESA awards the best of luck.  You are all a tremendously talented bunch and an inspiration to the rest of us Stagers.  Each of you are a truly professional and talented representative of our industry.  I want to thank all my fellow RESA Stagers...
  It's a relationship, the bond between homeowner and house. In like any relationship, after a certain number of years comfort and complacency may take hold. Things are taken for granted. Things are overlooked that once would have bothered or maybe they just don't seem as important any longer. Yo...
THE DAY AFTER I always have mixed emotions the day after Christmas. It's a strange day. The let down after the build up. The realization that another whole year has nearly passed in the blink of an eye really hits me. This year more so than most. This year relief and guilt top the list. Relief t...
CHECK THOSE HELMETS Those of you who regularly visit my blog know I have two girls that play Fastpitch Softball.  Our family is very busy with it most of the year.  It has become a sport that our crazy family life revolves around, even for our two kids who don't play a sport.  That's another sub...
"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Sir Winston Churchill     AN EXERCISE IN COURAGE I am a history buff and have always loved that quote. Listening seems sometimes to be a lost art.  Think of how many people in your everyday enc...
HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR Attention Competitors, Realtor "Stagers" and Stager hopefuls:  I've had it, had it, HAD IT!!!!  My little shop has been in business now for over two years.  I started with nothing.  Some of the things I did....I took a small business course.  Researched the industry, looke...
  HANGING POT RACKS: ART OR EYESORE Hanging pot racks are a common fixture in many "gourmet" kitchens.  You see them in many style homes where they may not even belong.  They can make run of the mill kitchens look a little more upscale, adding contrast and interest to an otherwise boring space. H...
ODE TO SEINFELD "I am so busy doing nothing, that the idea of doing anything..which as you know always leads to something...cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything."  Jerry Seinfeld   Those of you who were fans knew that Jerry always said his show's premise was a show...
IT'S IN THE AIR This is my most absolutely favorite time of the year.  Playoff time, World Series just around the corner. Time stands still for me in October.  I plan everything around access to radio, TV anywhere or any place I can catch a glimpse of the game, a score an instant replay.  I beli...
BEHIND THE SCENES Stagers wear many hats and one of them is as close to being a relationship counselor as it gets. Of course I am speaking about the relationship between a seller, their house and their "stuff". We all know moving and selling a home can be very stressful and overwhelming. It's a ...

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