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         I Understand not everyone can afford home staging, so it pays to know your math. It’s the key to realizing that ANY staging is not better than no staging. For me it’s very disapponting to lose a bid on price only but it’s more disappointing when I see what that customer paid for and didn...
Have you ever walked into a higher end classy sushi place looking to find fried chicken on the menu? Or perhaps you recently visited a fine steakhouse like Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris in search of chicken nuggets. No?  Now think of this in terms of marketing a real estate listing. What does a buyer ...
Without giving it away, let's just say I've been around long enough to know better. I remember the pre-cell phone and PC days. I remember groaning at many of the passing color and decor fads in homes before I had a clue I would end up a professional home stager. I remember a mid 90's house hunt. ...
We kept noticing paw prints throughout tiles in a home we recently staged and wondered how this could happen. The floors are Saltillo tiles.A fellow stager directed me to this very interesting article about how these tiles come to pass. The blog is by Dave Etzold and called Footprints Captured in...
So you take pride in the level of service and professionalism you provide your clients. You improve, learn and grow to maintain that standard. In my line of work photography and procedure are  important. I review both for every job picking things apart. Looking at what worked, what didn’t and wha...
Stagers know that the lighter and brighter a property is during showings the more likely it is to grab potential buyers. Light and bright make a home welcoming and cheerful. If you look at photos of staged properties many times you see that windows are left “naked” or treated with very light shee...
The New Year is here and everyone probably has a list for both personal and home improvements. We all know those personal resolutions benefit our health, finances and relationships. Home improvement resolutions have just as much long term impact.Before taking on such projects choose wisely and ge...
  This one is for you Rachael:)Those who know me know that I'm a politics junky. Since I can remember, I've always been interested and passionate about the politics surrounding me as far as elections and legislation. I volunteered on Richard Celestes's gubinatorial campaign as a teenager, debated...
I do mostly but sometimes don't. Which camp are you in? I am the only person in my house who makes my bed. Maybe old habits die hard. It started with my basic training in the Air Force and stuck from then on. Reveille blew... you put your boots on (slept in my PT uni), made the bed and rushed to ...
Home staging should be the icing on the cake. The cake being a property in great condition. As a Home Stager of course my ideal job is staging a new or beautifully updated home with great finishes. neutral interesting colors and great flow. Older homes that need a lot of TLC are a great challenge...

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