When I was in the 6th grade, I got a drum kit for my birthday.  My parents, then, apparently wanting to be equitable, enrolled my 4th-grade sister in cello lessons.  Big mistake. Try to imagine one instrument creating its own cacophony.  My sister made that cello sound like (alternatively or in ...
Recently I had the pleasure of attending a combination networking event/presentation hosted by Pure Visibility, an internet marketing firm headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The presentation reinforced just how crucial it is to have an internet presence in order to be competitive in today's b...
Because I have a business development role with Stewart Title Company, I belong to many professional organizations and attend a plethora of networking events.  As a result, I receive a tremendous amount of invitations to attend even more networking functions. So, in today's mail I got a flyer fr...
Election Day!  It's finally here, and with it an end (for a time) to political ads, "robo-calls", lawn signs and politically-charged posts on social media sites.  Yet, no sooner will today pass than the holiday season will emerge in full force.  The political ads will be replaced by sale ads, law...

Andrew Capelli

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