In between appointments yesterday, I received a call in my office.  The call was from a salesman I had met the evening before at a networking event.  This gentleman works for a local sales training company.  I had heard of the company, as it advertises on a sports talk radio station I listen to i...
Recently I took my daughters to our city's library- a trip we make at least a couple times a month.  We were chatting in the car and I missed the street, so I pulled down the next road to turn around.  Since we'd never been on this particular road before, we drove down a bit to check out the hou...
A couple weeks ago I emailed an old acquaintance of mine.  He works for a local mortgage brokerage, so, being in the title industry, I wrote to ask if he’d like to get together for lunch.  When I got a response, the reply was brief and to the point: “Good to hear from you!... Do you have any clie...
Last week I responded to a request from Stewart Title's corporate headquarters in Houston.  One of Stewart's newest Business Development Officers had been invited to speak to a group of Realtors, and he was looking for sample PowerPoint presentations he could use as a template.  So, I sent one I ...

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