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Are you a part of the crafting world? I like to dabble, but also I've been a teacher with a classroom, I've also homeschooled for a time, and I've had multiple uses for a an office laminator at home. So, on my blog I did a full review of laminators to replace the one I used years ago (a Brother l...
Bah humbug!My Mom used to say this jokingly with her best friend when I was a kid, and I didn't really understand - until I became a full-time full-on Mom of three children myself.Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ Holiday burnout for moms is a real thing. And I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it. ...
I don't know about you, but I LOVE this time of year! I live in Oklahoma, and it feels a bit more chilly than it usually does this early in fall. And nobody (including me!) seems to mind. I have a blog for beginning readers, and I was making a batch of cute fall printable sight word activities, a...
I was an active child. My oldest son and daughter were both pretty active (especially my son). But none of it compared to my youngest son, who is the most active person I know! He is the definition of perpetual movement.  These days folks will say, "Oh, he just an active boy. Boys are active! But...
What do you think about testing for kids in school? I mean specifically - state standardized testing. Do you see it as a necessary thing for teachers and schools to evaluate kids? I have three children, and each of them are different in every way. One is an advanced student and "gifted" according...
Are any of you out there heading back into a new school season? At our house, we have three kids. Two going into 10th grade and one headed into 4th. Each of my kids and I are feeling different emotions this year as we head back into routines and new schedules.For me, I'm focused on heading back t...
Have you noticed that it has already begun?I walked into the craft store the other day, and there were already TWO new aisles of decked-out Christmas. I could almost smell the pine trees and crisp morning snow in the air. I thought - It is just the beginning of August, for heaven's sake! My kids ...
A home library seems like a luxury, but really - it's an achievable dream if you just put a little creativity into it!Whether for the adults in the house, or a child's reading nook, a reading space can bring beauty and a warm comforting tone to a home.For creating a "diy" nook, there are lots of ...
Good morning!It's not too late to read with your kids this summer. And if ya'll are lazing around the pool, audiobooks are always a great way to go. I recently did a post on my blog to answer "how does audible work", and found some real gems that I wanted to share today, in case you are looking f...
Hey Rain Friends,As I sit here in bed, my husband watching Netflix next to me and my pile of  books to be read on my nightstand, I wonder how many of my kind are left in this world?Friends and acquaintances my age tend to like books and read them from time to time. Mostly (it seems) self-"helpish...

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