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I began my real estate career in 2005, right when the market was starting to bubble here in Utah. After two years of plenty, and easy real estate, it seems like the market has been in decline mode ever since. Well. 2013 looks like things are actually, finally, changing. Local real estate inventor...
Wherever you live, there is a chance of a natural disaster striking, this is inevitable. It is important to be fully prepared for any sort of disaster. It may be expensive to be prepared for any home disaster, but it's better to be safe than sorry! Below are some things to consider when preparing...
Need to spice up your yard? Or maybe you are short on space and want to grow your own fresh plants. Well stop dreaming of the day when you move to a home with a larger yard, becuase you can garden with containers! Container gardening is an easy way to grow veggies, fruits, and herbs. Not only are...
Luxury Homes When we think of touristy areas and luxury homes in Utah, we think of the southern, more sunny part of the state. But here's one of Utah's luxury home markets best-kept secrets: Cottonwood Heights. This new city (it was only incorporated in 2005) is a great place to find luxury homes...
This topic is widely opinionated. When suggested amongst my colleagues, it spurred a five minute discussion on wether or not pets ruin the value of a home. Those who feel that pets ruin the value of a home, think so because of the damage they can do to every inch of the home. From soiling carpets...
There are several peaks jutting right out of the heart of Paradise Valley. The Phoenix Mountain Preserve offers several spectacular mountains to the west. And to the south, right on the border of Scottsdale, is Camelback Mountain—one of Phoenix's most prominent landmarks.   But Paradise Valley's ...
There are plenty of mixed feelings about short sales. Those who prefer short sales like that it can save them thousands, and they are typically in much greater condition than foreclosures. Sellers and banks typically prefer them because they are both able to avoid a foreclosure process which save...
6 questions to ask when looking for a real estate agent Finding the right real estate agent can be a tricky task. However, in order to accomplish your real estate goals, it is absolutely essential that you find a good match. There are 6 important questions to consider asking potential candidates....
No sensible person would travel to an unknown country without being prepared. In order to make the most of your time and money, you must carefully plan where to sleep, what sites to see, and have an idea of places to eat and different modes of transportation. Not to mention all of the shots, and ...
Arlington, Texas Located just east of Fort Worth Arlington, Texas is a great area to raise a family. There are many neighborhoods that will suit every type of style and budget out there. Friendly communities and down to earth neighbors make for the charm and grace of Arlington. Weather in the sum...

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Local Area Information, Real Estate Market conditions, home sales info, real estate information.