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TIME    ~    ANOTHER VIEWPOINT   Time is always the same, a minute is 60 seconds, an hour 60 minutes, a day 24 hours, a week 7 days, a month 30 or 31 days, 4 weeks sometimes 5 in a month, 12 months to a year, 52 weeks in a year and 365 days to a year.  Time feels like it goes so fast and as one g...
I believe this is an interesting story that we should be very aware of.  Well written with good information.  So much happening all around us that we are not always aware of because it is not publicized a lot to us common folk. Is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Picking Up Support from a new group cal...
A Shout Out To Pamela Seley Regarding Bullys       I read Pamela's blog this morning and it brought up so many good points on so many things that go on in our world.  I had just viewed a video that brought tears to my throat because I recognized the hurt, humilitation and damage that is done by b...
    Thought Provoking Beginning  ~ November 2013  A Month of Being Thankful     November to me is always a good month.  Fall is here the trees are changing to brilliant colours, temperatures are beginning to dip, my birthday is at the end of the month, and Thanksgiving arrives, a full month of gi...
    Just Too Busy ~ I Guess or So It Seems     One of the biggest questions I have always had is why don't people either answer your questions or return your phone calls, or just have someone else return the phone call if you are "too busy or do not want to be bothered".  Unprofessional is the ex...
  Photos in the Multiple Listing Service are Copyrighted, Remember? Where are the Ethics       Copyright Infringement is an important issue and in my mind not to be taken lightly. It is often associated with the terms piracy and theft. In copyright law infringement does not refer to theft of obje...
    Wilsonville, OR ~ Homes To Live For ~ Neighborhoods For Living         The City of Wilsonville, OR is a beautiful and typically smaller town of around 20,500 population in 2012.  We have several shopping areas with great stores and fabulous restaurants. Friendly shop owners that welcome busin...
  Nothing Like Deciding To Sell and Then Changing Your Mind   My husband and I have thought for quite a while that we might like to sell and downsize just a little in the yard.  No so much the house, but our yard and garden are a lot to keep up and look beautiful like we like it.  I took a good l...
Reading A Post and Remembering the Story of "Living A Dream"       Reading today's posts was an enlightening experience and made me remember a beautiful incident for me that was just in passing really.  I was reading Kathy Streib's "What I learned This Week at Active Rain - May 19 - May 25", this...
  17th Annual Summer Solstice Benefit Auction June 22, 2013 Partnerships in Community Living, Inc.   Partnerships in Community Living, A non-profit organization, located in Monmouth, OR, is having its 17th Annual Summer Solstice Benefit Auction.  Please join us for a silent auction, oral auction ...


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