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Webster's dictionary defines motivation as "a strong force, stimulus, or influence that causes one to act." It has been my observation that in the field of real estate sales, the men and women who reach the top all share strong levels of desire and motivation to give their all and be the best the...
I'm sure we all agree that 2007 was a challenging year for the real estate industry. What surprised me most was to hear recently that as many as 300,000 agents may have been forced out of the business. Is this a good sign?I remember writing my first book back in 2005 where I stated that all agent...
Happy New Year Everyone!It's time to make it GREAT in '08. I've been a regular visitor to the Active Rain Network for at least a year now, and decided to join up fresh for the new year. I'm excited to be here! This is my first blog entry so please bear with me. Who am I? I'm the author of 5 books...

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