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The City of Cupertino would like community assistance in determining their priorities with respect to wireless internet and cell phone service.  The Technology, Information and Communications Commission (TICC) has setup a confidential survey for residents at this URL:
The model was open on this semi-clear Sunday and several families with their babies in tow were touring what was an exciting new opening in the area.  There was a lot of buzz in the air and the rep definitely had his hands full that day. If you picked up the townhomes with a giant crane and put t...
It really depends on the market.  Sometimes they come in droves, other times you have to offer freshly-baked cookies.  Sometimes you can't drive a block without seeing what you want, other times you have to fish for pocket listings.  You may not be able to plan precisely when you'll sell your hom...
"I love it," she said.  Everything about their current home was serviceable, but from the granite island with inset burners in the kitchen to the Juliet balcony overlooking the main entryway, just walking through this Silicon Valley house made them feel more alive.  We'd already done the calculat...
The long-awaited tear down of Sunnyvale Town Center's main building, in favor of a more open and walkable layout, has begun.  Target and Macy's are open during this deconstruction effort but the parking lot in front of the west side Macy's entrance is currently closed.  You can find more informat...
How do you define what a great place to live is?  I walked up and down the streets of this neighborhood carefully observing how they reacted to it.  It's those details that are important.  After all, there's a double-edged sword here early on in an agent-client relationship: most clients recogniz...
Jet black and brand new.  You could see this car from all the way on the other end of the garage.   It was never well-lighted in this Silicon Valley complex but you could still see the Cadillac's moonlit reflection, like a soft white halo.  There was talk about added security, getting the lock on...
The AMC movie theater at Cupertino Square opened Friday with a noon ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Cupertino Mayor Kris Wang.  Automated movie ticket pods are available in the lobby next to the escalator and you can also purchase tickets at the traditional AMC ticket booth or online.  The new Cup...

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Steve Leung empowers locals and people moving here with the tools and guidance needed to make good Silicon Valley real estate decisions.