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Picking Up Bulk Foreclosures at .25 to .30 on the dollar! That’s right 16,500 per property No this not a misprint With each property: Free and Clear Title in most cases Properties valued at (45,000) Properties that are livable Get Started Today! www.cherrypickreos.com
As a property investor it's important to keep up with trends and news, but you also need to be able to separate fact from fiction! One of the biggest false stories in the media recently has been claims that double closings are illegal. They are not. This misinformation has arisen from a number of...
During the interest only boom, banks stupidly gave out money like cotton candy at the fair. Caught up in this give away were tens of thousands of unfortunate souls who otherwise would have never seen the inside of a home in a regular market, who's properties are now owned by banks who are despera...
TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR RETIREMENT! Are You Losing Money From Your 401k? Is Your IRA Getting Dismal Returns? Are You Concerned About Your Financial Future? Have You Thought About Buying Real Estate?   Then Look No Further...Click Below to Learn How Investing in Bank Owned Foreclosures Can Change Your...
"Private Lending" refers to the process of borrowing real estate investment funds from private individuals at rates higher than these lenders can normally achieve in the marketplace. The attraction of private lending is the speed and ease of funding a deal. Here's how it works...first you find or...
We frequently tell people that "now" is the time to invest in real estate. We are all aware of the current foreclosure crisis and depressed real estate market. So why is now the time to invest? In order to really understand why now is the right time, it's important to first understand why the rea...
We've all heard it..."no other industry has created more millionaires than real estate." It's what got me excited about investing in real estate and probably you too. There's also probably no other industry that claims you can do it over night as much as the real estate industry. Although it's te...
Presented By www.cherrypickreos.com   PURPOSE: The purpose of this proposal is to outline the benefits and items to be aware of when investing in bulk foreclosed property. It will detail the company www.cherrypickreos.com and its investment opportunities available with real estate, as well as the...
Have you purchased property in the past without the success you expected? At Bulk Foreclosure Deals our business is your success. That is why we offer a full suite of services to help you with your REO needs. Some investors are at ground zero, needing to buy property, and then get them occupied, ...

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Banks Are Throwing Properties Out Like Trash…For Pennies